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May you find solace in the rhythm of your breath.

In the sanctuary of this exhibition space, I extend to you an invitation to pause and reconnect with the simple act of breathing. With each inhalation

and exhalation, may you feel a sense of calm and renewal wash over you, as if a gentle breeze sweeping through a cluttered room.


As you take in the artwork on display, allow yourself to sink deeper into the present moment, letting go of the weight of the world outside.


This exhibition encourages you to take a moment to simply breathe. Inhale the beauty that surrounds you, exhale any tensions or worries that weigh heavy on your heart.

Screen Shot 2024-05-23 at 4.32_edited.jpg

Youri Hwang


-        7/29/24





Maison Mono

6/1 - 7/29

Price inquiry:

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