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Tattoo Artist


KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-02-04-20-54-37 001jpeg.jpeg

Still life, Abstract, Black&White

August original from Chiang Rai. a small Northern Thai town where she grew up surrounding by a divers artistic in meduim. She pursuits her artistic through textile in fashion that inspire by landscape. After she graduated  fashion design school, She continoue her textile art and reflected into her Abstract texture tattoo style. 

She also admires a present viewing of ordinary objects and rethinking the important of inanimate by bringing it to life in her Still life tattoo.



KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-02-04-20-55-20 025jpeg.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-02-04-20-54-55 011jpeg.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-02-04-20-55-09 019jpeg.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-02-04-20-55-26 028jpeg.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-02-04-20-55-11 020jpeg.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-02-04-20-55-29 030jpeg.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-02-04-20-54-43 004jpeg.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-02-04-20-55-24 027jpeg.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2024-02-04-20-55-22 026jpeg.jpeg
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